TNB Vietnam - Starting from Forest Bitter Melon


Ms. Thoa is activing in the field of education, but she started her career with The Forest Bitter Melon - a kind of tree is difficult grow in the western vn.

Chị Nguyễn Thị Kim Thoa chăm sóc vườn khổ qua rừng.

Charm with Forest Bitter Melon

Ms Thoa was born in Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Thoa was born Phong Dien district, Can Tho city, graduated of Food Technology at Can Tho University in 2006 and she has worked as a business manager for a specialized company in the field. Education in Can Tho. Ms. Thoa said that she usually contacted with older people and many of them suffer from diabetes, blood fat, high blood pressure, cardiovascular. in the work trip at Đồng Nai, I saw people planting The Forest Bitter Melon. They say this plant is very good for diabetics and they get seeds from the forest for planting, "Thoa explained.

After she came back Can Tho, She want to grow The Forest Bitter Melon in the western vn. She had chosen Sóc Trăng as the first place to plant The Forest Bitter Melon with 1ha in 2013. After that, she donated to relatives with diabetes. It is the basis of research on the healing of plants in the forests and in the plains. Accordingly, the effectiveness of the health support it brings has received good feedback. In 2014, Thoa left a company specializing in education and decided to cooperate with some friends and colleagues to establish TNB Vietnam Joint Stock Company, based in Can Tho City. She holds the position of Deputy General Director. Her company specializes in producing with The Forest Bitter Melon Tea. At the same time, development area plant The Forest Bitter Melon in Can Tho, Vinh Long, Hau Giang and Soc Trang about 10 ha. In particular, the company invests in organic farming areas without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides to produce the best health and disease prevention products.

Link with farmers

"When I started the first season, I encountered more obstacles and difficulties than I thought," Ms.Thoa said. In particular, The Forest Bitter Melon can not withstand flooding, so in the flood season it is absolutely necessary to avoid flooding. If it is flooded, it must escape quickly for growing normally. We see that mangroves through this Forest Bitter Melon more income than rice. With the effort and enthusiasm, she has demonstrated that the model of afforestation through forests helps people to change their crop structure and harvest. Through cooperation with a number of cooperatives to grow and provide products.In addition, the company will support the initial costs to implement.

Ms. Thoa said that the company produces four types of tea products:: Forest Bitter Melon Traditional pills, Forest Bitter Melon Capsule, Forest Bitter Melon Herbal Tea, Forest Bitter Melon tea bags with the brand MUDARU and completely helps prevent diabetes complications.

Products of the company in addition to the sale in Can Tho, her distribution system is present throughout the country. In the future, the Forest Bitter Melon will expand the export market to the United States, Australia, Hong Kong ... and this is a source of medicine, can extract a lot of good remedies. In the meeting with the Vietnam Association of Pharmaceutics, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized: “The driving force of pharmaceutical development is the demand of the market and the private sector as a driving force. We need to take measures to make medicinal plants become valuable commodity products of the country and improve the lives of people”.

Source: Báo Tiền Phong