Forest Bitter Melon capsules, Mudaru
MUDARU Forest Bitter Melon Capsule: is used material from 100% of the natural Forest Bitter Melon (wire, fruit), without preservatives. Support for people with high blood pressure, cholesterol, people with diabetes, people who are on a diet or who have heart problems.

Uses of Forest Bitter Melon

Forest Bitter Melon has a bitter taste, welding properties, helps febrifuge the body and reduce cough … (Medicinal Plants and Pharmaceuticals in Vietnam, page II 355, published in 2011 by the Hanoi Science and Technology Publishing House).

Khổ qua rừng dạng viên nang

Treatment of diabetes: Forest Bitter Melon contains a biologically active insulin-like substance, which helps the body to increase insulin secretion, which helps to convert blood sugar very quickly and efficiently in very small doses. Using 1.5 grams of dried matter after each meal can help reduce blood sugar, which is good for type II diabetics.

Help stabilize blood sugar: Forest Bitter Melon can help reduce blood pressure, reduce blood fat, fat, dissolve kidney stones. Special, suffering through skin help reduce coronary artery, inverted circuit. Helps against free radicals that cause aging and blood vessels, life expectancy, lipid dysrhythmia ...

Cancer Prevention: Vitamin C content in Forest Bitter Melon is higher than that of fruits such as orange, lemon, grapefruit ... So suffering through the forest can help the body to increase its resistance and immunity to limit development of cancer cell.

Khổ qua rừng dạng viên nang

Treatment of cough: In folk medicine, there are many medicinal remedies that cough very well through the ripe fruit through Forest Bitter Melon. The Forest Bitter Melon washed, dip to boil drinking water every day. Or use 20-30g Forest Bitter Melon to make tea instead of tea can help reduce cough.

Weight Loss: The active ingredients in Forest Bitter Melon help increase glucose oxidation, prevent glucose uptake into cells, inhibit glucose synthesis enzymes ... should reduce blood fat, blood balance Voltage, weight loss and safety - is an indispensable ingredient for processed foods in the daily weight loss menu.

Treatment and prevention of gout: Gout or gout is a common type of arthritis in men that is caused by purine metabolic disorders that increase blood uric acid resulting in oozing crystals of urate crystals in the joint. arthritis. Forest Bitter Melon has the effect of reducing uric acid should be a good support for people with gout.

Supplement facts:

Each capsule contain 130mg Forest bitter melon, equivalent to: Forest Bitter Melon 1300 mg. Magnesium stearate, talc553(ii)...

Use and storage:

Used for 36 months from production date. Production date & expiry date printed on product packaging.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Usage and dosage:

Take  1 - 2 capsule twice a day, before a meal. Use round 2- 3 months to gain best result.

- Do not use for anemia, pregnant women or want to have baby.

- Children under 2 years old should limit to use.

- Frequent diarrhea.