Forest Bitter Melon tea bags, Mudaru
MUDARU Forest Bitter Melon tea bags included Forest Bitter Melon and Stevia rebaudiana, which is produced on the GMP- WHO standard. The product is good for diabetics, heat, detoxification, hypoglycemic, reduce the risk of complications of diabetes and blood fat.

What is the Forest Bitter Melon?

Forest Bitter Melon  is one of the foods that have long been used to make delicious, nutritious food. In addition, it is also used as a very good medicine for health. MUDARU Forest Bitter Melon tea bags is produced from 100% of the Natural Forest Bitter Melon and does not use preservatives.

MUDARU Forest Bitter Melon tea bags can help to reverse the aging process of the cell, acts as insulin to stabilize blood sugar, supports the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, blood fat, gout . In addition, this is one of the low-energy foods should also support the diet.

How to use?
- Put 1-2 tea bags (optional) into the cup, add about 120ml of boiling water in the cup, wait 3-5 minutes can be used. Each tea bag can be mixed 2 times.

- Depending on your preference for hot or cold tea, sweet or bar ... So you can add  ice and sugar, honey, stevia (sweet grass)...