Mudaru herbal tea

Mudaru herbal tea Bags of 60g, 90g, 150g

Mudaru herbal tea uses the main ingredient of dry bitter melon (and Stevia rebaudiana) without preservatives, Used to support high blood pressure, excess cholesterol, sugar, dieters or people with heart problems.

What is Forest Bitter Melon?

Bitter melon is one of the foods that has long been used to make many delicious and nutritious dishes. In addition, bitter melon is also used as a very good herbal medicine. This product is made from 100% natural bitter melon and does not use preservatives.


Forest Bitter Melon, Stevia sweet grass

Bitter melon contains mainly biological active ingredients cucurbitacin, momordicin, some glycosides and terpenoid compounds. According to some scientific studies, bitter melon leaf extract has Anti-Virusherpes Simplex activity due to momordicins compounds.


Mudaru herbal tea can help support the aging process of cells, help stabilize blood sugar, support the treatment of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, blood fat, gout. In addition, this is one of the low energy foods, so it is also good for dieters.

How to use

Pour some tea into the jar, add boiling water and wait 3-5 minutes to use. Depending on your preference, you can add ice, sugar, honey or Stevia powder...