Forest Bitter Melon, 50 Filter Bags

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Forest Bitter Melon Tea bag

Safe for health, with the ability to treat some diseases such as: Diabetes, Blood fat, High blood pressure, Cardiovascular diseases... This product also works to remove heat, detoxify the body, help sleep well, especially good for people with diabetes.


Bitter melon (Momordica charantia) is a tropical and subtropical vine, widely grown in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean for its edible fruit, which is the most bitter of all fruits. The plant bears yellow flowers; fruits have a distinct warty exterior of oblong shape; a thin fleshy layer is surrounding a central seed cavity having large flat seeds and pith.

Bitter melon has been in use in traditional medicine systems for a long time for a variety of ailments, particularly stomach complaints.


Co-administration of conventional drug and herbal medicine may cause potential interactions that lead to adverse events. So get doctor’s consent before starting herbal treatment.

Vicine, charantin, and polypeptide-P are present in bitter melon are responsible for its anti-diabetic properties. Together they increase insulin secretion, increase glucose uptake, glycogen synthesis in the liver, muscle & adipose tissue, improve glucose tolerance and decrease hepatic gluconeogenesis.


Effective for improve immunity, obesity, lipids and blood sugar.

Blood sugar - Studies have shown bitter melon lowers blood sugar through increased metabolism of glucose. It is used as a folk medicine for diabetes treatment. It contains a hypoglycemic or insulin-like principle, consider as 'plant-insulin' which is highly beneficial in lowering the blood sugar levels.

Cholesterol - Bitter melon help lowers cholesterol levels.

Rich in nutrients - Being rich in essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, B1, B2, C, and Iron.


Each capsule contains 130 mg Momordica charantia extracts, equivalent to 1300 mg of dried Momordica charantia. The capsule is made of bovine bone gelatine (E441), Tartrazine (E102), Quinoline yellow (E104) and Green S (E142)


- Detoxification.
- Contributes to stabilizing normal glycemia.
- Could reduce blood fat.


Certification No: 187/2016/YTCT-XNCB.
Barcode: 8936109960049
Product Name: Forest Bitter Melon
Trademark: Mudaru
Origin: Vietnam
Pack: Box of 50 Filter Bags