What is the main cause of high blood pressure?


What is the main cause of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a chronic and silent killer. To prevent, as well as treat effectively, the best way is to understand the roots, know the source of the disease. The internal cause of high blood pressure is diagnosed as the following consequences.


Acute or chronic nephritis has a high risk of developing hypertension. The initial manifestations are edema; usually starts from the face and eyes (upper eyelid). The first period is very high blood pressure and large fluctuations, the later period leading to increase in blood pressure; manifestations of back pain, fear of cold, tired limbs, and tiredness. Little urine, often dark yellow urine; sometimes cloudy like blood or blood. Poor appetite, poor sleep and fatigue.

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Back pain is a manifestation of high blood pressure

Chronic pyelonephritis

The first manifestation is that the body temperature often decreases with prolonged periods of time, back pain and frequent urination, unable to stop urinating. When urinating you will often feel sharp pain, head often tight, heart palpitations. Furthermore, blood pressureis increased, anemia, and edema. There may be blood, pus and bacteria in the urine.


People with tuberculosis will have low body temperature, sweating. They often urinate many times, high volume, bloody urine. Their kidney function is reduced with hypertension.

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Kidney cyst

The most common manifestations are back pain, sometimes abdominal pain or bloody urination. As the follicles grow, blood pressure often rises, simultaneously with arteriosclerosis.

Tumor in the adrenal gland

Patients often present with heart palpitations, headache, nausea, weak eyesight; excessive sweating, cold limbs and numbness. The body often experiences pain in the chest and abdomen, insomnia, mental stress and increased blood pressure.



Due to the altered walls, thickening and hardening, elasticity is reduced, and the lumen is smaller. This often results in a maximum donation of blood pressure, usually in middle age. Clinical symptoms often manifest heart palpitations, deformed coronary arteries leading to angina, hardened heart muscle and most commonly seen in men. Severe or mild nature is due to the narrow level of the aortic mouth. There are people at adulthood discovered. The body often presents with fatigue, heart attack, and fast heartbeat.


When the level of fat in the blood is high => arteries are affected by high blood pressure => arteries are damaged, sclerosis, reduced elasticity => blood pressure will be increased.

These are 5 reasons people with high blood pressure need to know to be able to prevent and protect the health of themselves and their families. There are also external causes, which we will cover in the next section.

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